Bobby Boutte

Was born 2/21/82 in Carmichael, CA.  His mother, Laura Hartsgrove was a gymnast, and owned a gymnastics school in Orangevale, CA. where he spent most of his time as a boy between being at school or home until the gym closed in 1999. His father, Steve Boutte, is a gifted musician who has mastered three instruments, and has shared the stage with many famous bands, and musicians. Bob’s passion for the drums was quite evident as he was hired into his first band at the age of 13. Learning to play came easy for this youngster. Every opportunity he had to make noise in the garage. He was on the kit teaching himself how to play. Drawing on the inspiration he felt when he would hear his band. By age 20, Bob began going to local blues and country jam sessions where he developed his craft, and became friends with Warren Dorrell. The local Honky-Tonk called the El Rio was where every weekend, Friday through Sunday, Warren, Bobby, Steve Day, Doug McDowell, and sometimes even the late Ronnie White (Ronnie’s World) would play in a town the Fryed’s call “The Hillbilly Ghetto.” By 2009, The Fryed Brothers Called Bob and asked if he’d like to play for them. Bob agreed after they said that they wanted to hire Warren too. Since 2009, Bobby has been touring with the Fryed’s, learning what it is to experience the brotherhood and freedom of the American Biker Lifestyle.